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About bridesbest.net

BridesBest is a free informational portal that provides high-quality info about the world of international dating. We focus on dating sites’ reviews, peculiarities of women of different cultures and nationalities, and dating culture all over the world. Our dream is to make information about international dating free and accessible to everyone as well as bust all the myths about mail order bride services and international romantic relationships.

Our team

We are young and ambitious enthusiasts whose dream is to make international dating safe and exciting. Most of our team members used or still using dating services, so we know how to distinguish a scam site from a legit platform as well as find the love of your life on a mail order bride website.

Our reviews

Since we know first hand how terrible some websites are and how bad one may feel after spending lots of money on a platform where finding a girlfriend is impossible, we carefully check all the sites we review. First of all, we take a look at the site’s design and functionality, then we proceed to evaluating the profiles, reading other users’ reviews, and measuring the site’s attendance rating. In order to make our reviews simple to understand, we utilize a star system to rate the websites. Therefore, decent sites have 4.5-5 stars, average ones have 4-3.5 stars, and bad services have less than 3 stars.

Our evaluation

We have multiple criteria of evaluation according to which we analyze the websites. Thus, we take a look at the following things:

  • Attendance. Making a site appear among the top results in a search engine is actually not that difficult, especially if you use paid advertising. This is exactly why after you Google “online dating” and follow the very first link, you might end up registering on a platform where the majority of users are bots. Therefore, we utilize tools like Seranking, Semrush, Ahrefs, and Similarweb to see whether this or that particular website is actually popular among real people or overcrowded by bots. In particular, we check how much time do people spend on the website, the conversion rate, and the number of registered accounts.
  • Image and reputation. The best way to find out whether any kind of service or product is worth your time and money is certainly reading other customers’ reviews. So we head to such independent platforms as Quora, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and read other people’s feedback on the sites we review.
  • UI/UX. Our design team carefully checks whether a website is user-friendly, how easy is it to find all the features it provides, its compatibility with various browsers and devices, as well as the website’s general performance.
  • Users’ quality. We take a close look at the women’s profiles on the platform and evaluate their quality and authenticity since we want to protect you from scammers who use stolen identities to steal your money.
  • Response rate. Once we are sure that the profiles are real, we text the women on the website and see whether they reply and how long it takes them to reply in order to estimate the service’s response rate.
  • Support. The last step is to test how does the support team work. Firstly, we check the support channels a platform provides, for instance, whether it has a hotline, chatbot, or email support. Then we create a query to see how long it takes to solve our problem. Finally, we contact support operators and check their behavior and politeness in the tense atmosphere.

Our source of income

The information on our website is available for free. However, we do need money to maintain our website and pay our team, so we can provide you with high-quality content. This is why we take monetary compensations from our partners that are usually dating and mail order bride platforms. Understandably, we give our partners higher positions in lists of the best sites as well as prioritize them over other similar services. At the same time, we still strive to be impartial when it comes to reviews and therefore never provide false information about the sites’ features, prices, etc.

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