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Russian Brides: Russian Mail Order Brides And Women From Russia To Date

10 Of The Best Online Websites To Meet Pretty Russian Girls

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For those of you who wish to have a date from Russia, this article is going to be exceptionally useful and informative! Take a look at relevant and updated tips and pieces of advice regarding marrying a Russian woman! Our dating team has created the ultimate guide that can help you learn about the costs and prices of finding online Russian women, how to understand that your Russian bride mail order likes you, a few facts about Russia, and a couple of dating tips to ensure that your experience with Slavic women to marry is flawless and enjoyable!

How much does it cost to find Russian girls?

One of the most common things that men want to know about online dating is the cost. Well, online communication is quite affordable. In case you wish to interact with a woman from Russia, you can spend less than $50 per month and enjoy the high-end quality of premium dating platforms. For less than $50, you can find Russian girls and get access to all profiles, private photos, and communicational tools that will allow you to interact with your brides. Marrying a Russian woman is an entirely different subject since it involves visa and plane ticket expenses as well as spending a lot of money on the ceremony per se. However, pure online dating is vastly affordable and accessible. Some sites can offer you a full year of exclusive access to premium content for less than $100!

How to understand that online Russian women like you?

It is quite common to consider Russian mail order brides quite enigmatic. However, communicating with these beauties is similar to interacting with girls from other countries. If you wish to know whether you have a great time, you just need to ask your date about her feelings. Russian women are not afraid of telling you how they feel. If something is wrong, you can be sure that your Russian bride mail order will tell you what it is and how to fix it. This is one of the reasons why free Russian dating sites are so popular among Western guys.

Nevertheless, you may also figure out that your woman enjoys your communication by the following factors:

  • She writes you first
  • She responds to your messages quickly
  • She is eager to tell you about her life and family
  • She sends you a lot of private photos
  • She tells you some intimate information

Facts about Russia

Here are a few facts about marriage in Russia that can be useful for you to understand the culture of relationships in this country

You can marry a girl once she is 18 years old. Although with the permission of legal authorities, young couples who reached the age of 16 can be married. Nevertheless, online dating does not allow brides under 18 to sign up on the sites.


Polygamous relationships are forbidden by the law in Russia. Moreover, almost 90% of Russians who participated in a survey stated that they oppose polygamy as a lifestyle.

Attitude toward weddings

Wedding is an essential step in one’s life. For a woman, marriage means becoming a part of the husband’s family. Russian weddings are loud and fun. It is a tradition to invite as many relatives and friends as possible to celebrate the wedding – sometimes over 500 people can be invited to a wedding.

A few dating tips for you to have a perfect experience with online Russian women

All of you want to have a fantastic and flawless date with a woman from Russia. This section is devoted specifically to make sure that you know what to do on a date!

Be honest and open

Russian girls can forgive you almost everything, but if you are dishonest, they will not be able to have relationships with you. Do not make up things for the sake of looking better.

marrying a russian woman

Be respectful and attentive

When your bride tells you something, try to remember everything she says. Such information can become incredibly useful in the future.


For Russian women it is important that their man always shows his feelings with actions. Be ready to commit to your relationship and ensure your bride that she means the world to you. It is a key to a successful and longlasting love story.

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